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 Rules- Role Playing

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PostSubject: Rules- Role Playing    Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:37 pm

1. Try to keep cussing to a minimum, I understand if you must but not a ton and nothing bad!
2. Keep it realistic, there are no secret unicorns/ flying horses. Your humans can not understand horses when they talk.
3. No god modding. This is annoys me to no end, and its no fun for others. (Skie reared and ran faster then light winning the race at a time no one could ever beat!) you must comunicate to see who will win, if not I'll choose.
4. No mary/gary-sues. Every character has a flaw. (Example: the most beautiful arabian mare, whom all the stallions instantly love and wins every race) I will not accept your character for this!
5. Please role-play in third person. Its just easier to follow
6. Fade to black on mating a birthing
7. If your horse does mate you must wait at least four days (24 hours each) before you can have a foal. No twins unless you ask me. And I will not give every marea twins.
8. Please reply in a good three sentences. (Bad: Skie looked up. SHe smiled at him. Oh she loved him) (Good: Skie raised her head to meet his gaze. Her cheeks burned ever so slightly and she looked away. She didn't understand it. Why was her pulse racing?)
9: No instant love, you may have crushes but they don't have to return your love.
10: One human for every 2 horses
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Rules- Role Playing
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