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 The School "Rules"

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PostSubject: The School "Rules"   Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:49 pm

As you go through the rp, feel free to brake these rules. It makes it more fun!

~School Rules~
1. All students must get up by six (a.m) to take care of their horses.
2. All horses must be untacked and put away in their proper places by six thirty p.m.
3. There are to be no boys in the girl's dorm, and visa versa before eight thirty a.m. And after five thirty p.m.
4. No one is to be out of the dorms after seven and lights out at ten
5. No fighting, respect every one
6. Mares are not aloud to go into the stallion/ gelding pasture and visa versa
7. All students must participate in at least one horse companions a semester.
8. Students may only go into the forest if accompanied by and adult or older student (18 up)
9. All students should respect each other and the animals
10. Have fun at The Ridding Academy
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The School "Rules"
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