The Ridding Academy

A place where man, and horses become one.
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 The students and horses

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PostSubject: The students and horses   Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:39 pm

The people and their horses
Mark (owner) A little bit of paradise ♂ (gelding)
Avalon A Bird's Flight Black Comet's Fire
Max The Lost Soul ♂ (Gelding)
Rose A black Raven's Feather

The dorms
~Girl's Dorm~
Room 1: Rose &
Room 2:
Room 3:
Room 4:
Room 5:
Staff Room: Avalon

~Guy's Dorm~
Room 1: Max &
Room 2:
Room 3:
Room 4:
Room 5:
Staff Room: Mark

Crushes (Human):
⇐ Guy likes girl
⇒ Girl likes guy
⇔ dating

Crushes (Horse):
⇐ Stallion likes mare
⇒ Mare likes stallion
⇔ Mates
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The students and horses
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