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 Rules- Form

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PostSubject: Rules- Form    Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:31 pm

1. Be respectful to al members. If some one said or did something to offend you, please Pm me ad I will take care of it.
2. All comments must be PG. I will allow minor swearing, damn, dang/darn, shoot. If you have a problem with what some one said Pm me.
3. There might be younger kids on hear so, please watch what you say, you may offend them.
4. And for younger users this is a PG site so please ask your parents before you join.
5. This is semi-realistic. No super fast horses, and not every horse wins every race. If we do have races, or events I will randomly choose the winner based on a few things.
6. Your character may not like some one in the rp, but be nice to them on chat. Not every one is gonna be your BFF but every one deserves respect.
7. Only one account on this site. You may have multipul characters but not multiple accounts.
8. If you do have two characters, they may not mate or have a crush on one another, it's just no fun.
9. No SPAM (Short, pointless, annoying, messages)
10. Have fun, this is just a role play
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Rules- Form
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